Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Falcony - III(2013)

Oscillations are a very fascinating underside to the physical realm. Seemingly everything vibrates, and when you sway these vibrations back and forth together, depending on the frequencies utilized to do so...different effects are achieved. FALCONY is one of many that provides a great referential framework for your brain to grow a deeper understanding of these principles by adding in the neuroplasticity factor and wrapping it in subconscious, controlled and mysteriously arranged bursts of frequency most of us like to call: DRONE.

Sole member, Andrew Rider, achieves his crestfallen galaxy collapsing black holes through what is listed only as "Synth/Pedal" on his bandcamp. Imagine synths into a mission control like pedal board, then into a bank of Solid State and Tube amps, now imagine that all these amps are bonafide takes a lot of passion and dedication to amass a drone center such as this. After finding a picture of him performing live, I find that a bass is probably driving a lot of those pedals as well...and what's more? A TRAVIS FUCKING BEAN(based Kramer)

I am immediately drawn in by the song titles that all seem coherent with one another, especially when one of the titles is one of the 4 states that drones have the power to set your mind in. The Theta state is where Intuition, Focus and Memory come into play. As this song opens up, I feel as if I am at the gates of life...about to reach forth and make the mistake of opening the door yet again...the sputtery, voltage sag sounding bass undertones keep building coercing me to just stop thinking about it and jump through the portal. At this point my ascension/descension(I can't even tell whether this is up or down) is given aid as the basscillations start creeeping higher and dirtier into the mix. Some serious SWANS sounds going on here, there is a specific sound on the latest Swans album that I had never heard before nor since, this is the closest yet.

Iota has me passing through the doorway that was revealed in Theta, wrapping me in chaos as I am shot through the space between worlds at a speed the frequency of oscillation depicts for me until this oscillation builds to an apex and I am being pulled by large hands into a strangely familiar world at which point I start screaming in horror that instead of completing the circle, I have returned to its cusp of inception. Only when the frequencies are brought back down to the bass spectrum am I allowed to reflect on this irony and laugh madly at the sentiment.

Kappa is where I am left on this side of the veil once again, and the other side laughs cruelly, yet empathetically at my plight. Just when I thought the torture was enough, it rears its ugly head for one last deep bellied laugh that I had failed to get the proverbial "it" yet again...

Falcony's III is available as a pay what you can on their bandcamp, release it from its digital confines and blast it through something worthy, smoke up, chill down and drone out.

Toneparisons: Swans, Neurosis(drones), Godflesh(drones), Sunn O))), ASVA


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