Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rhin - S/T(2013)

Kicked off with immediate energy, some nasty fucking vocals, and Very old punk sounding tones and riffery Rhin are a 3-piece Garage Punk band from Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Second song is a bit more hardcore in delivery, but the vocals still keep it in the traditional punk arena. These guys have the classic tone, bright overdriven guitars with galloping mid range fuzz grind bass. If eyehategod were more punk leaning, they might sound like Rhin.

Rhin are very versatile in the variety of music on display. It's like with metal's need to blacken or doomify everything, Rhin needs to punkify everything because it sounds fuckin' cool when they do!

I am gonna guess that these guys are into Weedeater, because like Dixie, the bassist: Dominic Gianninoto; supplies the vocals for this band, the tone is very similar especially in songs like Shrimp and Blooze where the vocals are slightly similar as well.

There seems to be a good alternation in a few styles that Rhin are good at as a song resembling a more southern sounding Dickies song, Feed, follows after their previous exaltation of stoner rock bliss.

After pummeling you with punk blasts on Feed, you are greeted with another EHG esque stoner rock victory, Filth. This is my favorite song of the bunch and at this point I am just going to go ahead and call Rhin "Stoner Punk"

This sounds like a very well produced punk band from the 80s and contains many original ideas, especially in the collage on sounds found on Self-Righteous Prick(Spoiler Alert!!!: Wu-Tang sample).

At the end of the tape, Frost dethrones Filth as my favorite. I love when fast bands with good tone do at least one slow song to display how the tones breathe and mesh with each other. In this song, a tinge in the vocal delivery brings me to the most obvious and final tonparison: The Melvins. How did I not see it before now!? Rhin is a band that I believe have the same potential as the Melvins, especially in terms of longevity and the ability to keep a fresh perspective so as not to grow complacent and stale.

Rhin are an excellent band that definitely know their rock and punk, all I hear is flawless execution of both not only in tonality but also delivery, buy a copy of this limited edition cassette on their bandcamp today!

Toneparisons: Eyehategod, Weedeater, The Dickies, The Melvins


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