Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dankhdjinn(Shreveport, LA) Live Video Review

Greetings! Welcome to the first posting of The Doom Review!

With the apt and admirable ethos of "Tune low, play slow" DANKHDJINN are a 4-piece Stoner Doom band from the true home of swamp music, Louisiana. This band is the side-project for 3 bands I hadn't a clue about, WORMRIDER, COSMIC NAUGHT and MASSIVUS, but will most definitely be looking into now (. When the heaviness first hits, I am immediately reminded of Thou...which is perfect because Dankhdjinn are instrumental and it's nice being able to focus straight in on how the amps are reacting and creating your own emotional backdrop for the feel of the compositions.

This is the kind of music that wraps you in a shroud of depressive warmth, telling you I know that this world sucketh...let's make it not sucketh for at least the next half hour. This escape is still bittersweet for prevalent behind the thin veil of hope homage is still paid to the gears of chaos looming beneath.

If I were old Joe headin' to town to shoot my old lady down, I would be lucky to pass by a bar where Dankhdjinn was pummeling the stage to a pulp at which point i'd just forget the ordeal altogether and start a doom band.

While having only been a band for 2 years, they seem to have found a perfect balance between tone and song structure for the experience they are looking for. Huge, grainy tube guitar distortion underlined by crushing SVTesque bass Overdrive with drums punching through with just enough velocity and attack to clear the foggy haze of the droning bass and guitars if only for a moment.

This video more than proves them in a live setting for me, while no official recordings as of yet I look forward to them and hopefully catching this badassery live.


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