Monday, October 21, 2013

Death Crawl - Accelerated Rate of Decay(2012)

Every ounce of available energy is utilized in DEATHCRAWL with all members handling more than one duty. All three members add vocals to the table, then the drummer and bassist triple their duty by manning synthesizers in places.

This album starts off sounding very akin blackened sludge, especially on Kill or be Killed where I am hearing parts that resemble a hot-rodded, overbuilt Darkthrone that weaves in and out of hot-rodded, overbuilt Burzum sounding parts.

The beginning of Dead is Dead is a bit on the more traditional sludge vein, after just these 3 tracks, it is clearly apparent that DeathCrawl can add their own blackened droning touches to just about anything and they will come out with quite an impressive result.

Dead is Dead to Blight is a wonderful transition which is one of a multitude of reasons that I would really enjoy watching these guys live one day.

When the synths come in around the 4 mark on Blight is about the point that all inhibitions melt away and I have fully submitted myself to the geniuses that DeathCrawl are...very Ufommamut. The guitar and bass part masking the synths continue to slow down further and further revealing ever more the character of the synth lurking behind them.

Another perfect transition between songs and I have landed on Disturbing the Earth. On this song the guys show us their interpretation of clean vocals, which albeit shortlived, are utilized to very poignant, composition serving effect. Thus far, this is my favorite track on the album. If you couldn't tell by now...I REALLY LOVE Thou...I also really like Jesu...and the main theme in this song makes me envision the two collaborating...and even then im not sure it would be much better than how DeathCrawl projects this experience. These guys are the real fucking deal...right after channeling similarities from two bands I absolutely love, the song shifts tone and resembles two more bands that I love...Yob and Dark Castle. Even as I am able to draw these comparisons there is much ingenuity and originality in the overall delivery.

With yet another transition glueing together two songs seemlessly, I am starting to wonder...did I dream this band into existence? If the fuck did they manage to incorporate all my favorite aspects of heavy music into a single coherent flow of songs without pause? I mean usually this is pulled off pretty easy for the more atmospheric leaning bands, but these guys are killing every transition no matter which direction they decide to take it next. If someone needed a good introduction into the heavier side of the underground, I would definitely show them this exact album while daring them to listen to the whole thing and not find one part that opens their eyes.

Maginot, starts off very Noisy, with some FM synth grain filling the gaps behind a deep, massive bass groove until you get a slide in the style of Crowbar into giant Windsteiny riffdom.

The guys utilize many different, very fitting vocal tones throughout this album...all choices of tonality perfectly serving their parts. The whole album the back of my mind was itching as to what the main vocal tone is so reminiscient of, by Despite our Best Efforts, it finally hits: Matt Pike on Whippets.

DeathCrawl is an extremely versatile band that knows exactly what the fuck they are doing and are going to do it whether you like it or not, and by the dark lord himself, they are going to do it DAMN WELL.

Download Accelerated Rate of Decay for $10 at their bandcamp, or buy the physical for the same cost over at their bigcartel where they also have a couple other albums and some shirts for sale.

Toneparisons: Crowbar, Pelican, Yob, Thou, Jesu, Rwake, Ufommamut


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